For Mater Salvatoris School, alumnae represent the educational programme come alive. They confirm that it is worth the demands, the effort, the work and the hours spent on their educations because these are the foundations which have allowed them to develop, both as human beings and as professionals: “All I am, I owe to Mater”.

Many alumnae keep up their links with the School through the activities of the Marian Congregation. Others belong to the Alumnae Choir or the Drama group, or have joined the handball team.

With the passing of the years, more and more alumnae are bringing their daughters to the School because they see that the same principles and values that they themselves learnt are still maintained today, while modern-day teaching methods and resources are also used.

In addition, at least twice a year, the School has the pleasure of welcoming alumnae, at both the General Meeting and the meet-up for any year groups celebrating a special number of years since they left the School.

  • Marian Congregation +

    Although the first steps within the Marian Congregation are undertaken in School, its activity is not limited only to the school years. Quite the opposite: as the years pass, inner life becomes stronger and it becomes more necessary to have a group helping you go through life while observing the principles learnt.

    Over the years, different areas of the Marian Congregation have opened up:

      • University students.
      • Professionals.
      • Married couples.
      • Mothers.


    In each, different ministry activities are organised to transmit the joy of the faith to others.

  • Choir +

    Passion for Choir, which has always been one of Mater’s characteristics, remains alive and well thanks to a large group of alumnae returning to sing, directed by Adrián Cobo.

    The Alumnae Choir comes together to rehearse at the School every Wednesday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. It has given different concerts and performances internally in the School and externally, and its repertoire includes polyphonic a cappella works and concertantes by composers such as Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn and Schubert.

    Each of its performances contribute in some way to making the true spirit of Mater known.

  • Handball Team +

    Mater Salvatoris School has always placed a high importance on sport. Proof of this is the continuous existence of an Alumnae Handball Team. This team, led by their captain Arantxa Padruno, have wanted to continue competing in the School’s name.

    Training sessions take place two days a week, from 8:30pm to 10:30pm, to prepare for playing Sunday matches.

  • Drama +

    Some of the students who during their school years discovered a love of drama have wanted to keep it alive, both in their university years and as professionals.

    Led by Marina Feito, the Alumnae Drama Group rehearses every Friday at the School from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

    To great acclaim, in recent years they have masterfully put on original plays by Jardiel Poncela, Miguel Mihura, Juan José Alonso Millán…