English is tremendously important in today’s society. At Mater Salvatoris School, learning the language goes beyond classroom walls.

We believe that one way to learn the language is by participating in competitions that, in addition to improving vocabulary and fluency when speaking, enable students to learn how to cooperate with each other and share experiences.

Since 2014, the School has participated in the international academic competition known as the British English Olympics, which take place in England. This competition is organised by the Oxford International Education Group and accredited by the British Council.

By participating in this event, our students have the opportunity to interact with other students from different schools and countries and enjoy a unique experience.

The competition consists of both academic and creative tests that require prior preparation during the school year. This means dedication, research and commitment. In 2015-2016, contestants tackled a debate on education, a tourism project about the Seychelles, a Mystery Challenge, songs, a play and other challenges.

During the competition, students attend various workshops on public speaking techniques and British culture, participate in a number of sporting events at their host school campus, and take part in mystery challenges with the other students. There are also excursions to London, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton and Stratford-upon-Avon.