For students who wish to deepen their human and spiritual development, the School offers the opportunity to join one of the following groups and activities:

The School offers students, alumnae and families the opportunity to grow spiritually and share the joy of faith by participating in the meetings and activities of the Mater Salvatoris Marian Congragation (Congregación Mariana Mater Salvatoris), a private association of the faithful that was approved by the Cardinal Archbishop of Madrid on 5 January 2006.

It aims to help young people live a full and Christian life, in the spirit of St Ignatius of Loyola.

The Marian Congregation motto is “A Jes√ļs por Mar√≠a” (“To Jesus through Mary”). Members pay special devotion to the Virgin by seeking to emulate her virtues and spirit of service.

Mater Salvatoris Marian Congregation is divided into sections according to the age of its members: Secondary School and Baccalaureate students, university students, professionals, married couples and so on. Different activities are organised for each section:

  • Training days and meetings.
  • Spiritual exercises and retreats.
  • Sojourns and pilgrimages.
  • Participation in World Youth Days.
  • And other events in the life of the Church.

Additionally, with the aim of responding to the challenges posed by 21st Century Society and helping to pass on the light of the Gospel, members participate in a number of ministry activities:

  • Mater Salvatoris Mountaineers.
  • Mater Salvatoris Missionaries.
  • Spirituality in Family
  • Charity in Family.
  • Charity and¬†Mission.

Mater Salvatoris Mountaineers is a school of life. The harsh, stark reality of the mountain, with the effort required to continue climbing and help companions reach a common goal, is an excellent way of building character among girls and young women, according to true Christian values and virtues.

The Mountaineer group’s motto is “More, more, and more”, the words of its patron saint, St Francis Xavier. It reflects the continuous spirit of endeavour and overcoming, essential characteristics of any mountaineer.

The mountain of friendship: pure, intimate, selfless, sincere, happy friendship. A hike is not an excursion, it is about following a path that is not always easy in order to reach the summit of a mountain. It is about learning that life is like a path, sometimes difficult, sometimes pleasant, and that we take the Virgin with us on our quest to reach the summit, which is holiness.

Mater Salvatoris Mountaineers is divided into four sections:

  • Senior Girl Mountaineers:¬†Girls from 2nd year ¬†of¬†Secondary School upwards.
  • Junior Girl Mountaineers:¬†Girls from 6th year of¬†Primary School and 1st year of¬†Secondary¬†School.
  • Senior Boy Mountaineers:¬†Boys from 2nd year of Secondary School upwards.
  • Junior Boy Mountaineers:¬†Boys from 4th year of Primary School to 1st¬†year of Secondary School.

Each section has its own mountaineer patrols, led by university students from the Mater Salvatoris Marian Congregation. Their mission is to help children discover a group spirit and strengthen bonds of friendship and comradeship.

The group’s main activities are monthly excursions to Madrid’s Sierra Mountain Range. Throughout the school year there are also meet-ups at the School and two to three-day camping trips. Lastly, in June and July, one of the most eagerly anticipated activities takes place: summer camp.

The Mater Salvatoris Mountaineers membership symbol is the neckerchief. The virtues of the mountaineering spirit are symbolised by stripes and badges, which recognise the effort made to embody, at all times, the attitudes of a true Mountaineer of the Virgin.


Mater Salvatoris Missionaries is made up of young people aged 15 and above who wish to share their time and happiness with the most needy, as an essential component of their Christian life.

The main activities they participate in are as follows:

  • Day Mission: One Saturday a month, the Missionaries visit different retirement homes, children‚Äôs homes, hospitals, etc.
  • Rural Mission:¬†Once a year, over a weekend¬†and¬†in collaboration with the parish priest, the Missionaries visit a Spanish town, helping with church work and demonstrating the joy of faith.
  • Summer Mission:¬†At the end of the school year, the group of Missionaries have their most eagerly anticipated activity: a week-long mission to a town in Spain. This¬†always ends with a pilgrimage to a shrine to¬†the Virgin.
  • Mission in Africa:¬†In the summer, Missionaries aged 18 and above are given the opportunity for missionary experience in Africa, collaborating with the Mater Salvatoris School in Kalal√© (Benin).