• President: Javier Álvarez Avello
  • Vice-President: MÂȘ Antonia Sarti FernĂĄndez
  • Treasurer: Fernando Pablos Contreras
  • Secretary: Blanca Barbeito DĂ­az de Bustamante
  • Members:
    • Rosario MartĂ­nez de Albornoz Torrente
    • Ignacio Berenguer GarcĂ­a
    • Juan Aznar GĂĄldiz



In December 2015, the School’s Parents’ Association organised some careers talks for students in their final year in order to help them choose their university course.

These careers sessions were given by professionals in different fields who, in a warm and practical way, showed them the different careers opportunities made possible by the courses most popular among and most chosen by our students.



The Mater Salvatoris Wardrobe began in 2014 as an initiative from the School’s Parents’ Association. Its aim is to gather together all those uniform items which are in good condition yet no longer used in order to sell them on at a sale with two social purposes:

  • Allow families to have access to items of School uniform at a good price, so that all the girls are in appropriate uniform.
  • Raise funds for the El Rosalar Foundation, whose main objective is to offer bursaries to students whose families are experiencing financial difficulties.

School students can drop off items of uniform they are no longer using (pinafores, smocks, cardigans, shirts and tracksuits), which must be clean and in good condition. At the end of the year, as long as enough items have been collected, there will be a sale with items offered at very attractive prices.

The School is grateful for the altruistic and generous collaboration of so many families, which is fundamental for the success of this venture.

The Mater Salvatoris Wardrobe is located just next to the entrance to the 1st year of Secondary School classrooms and is open every week at the following times:

  • Tuesday: 9:30am – 10:30am
  • Wednesday: 4:30om – 5:30pm

In addition, families can contact the Wardrobe using the email address:

Parents’ School started with the aim of being another source of support that the School offers families in their children’s education. It aims to equip parents with the resources and tools needed to meet the demands of modern society.

It is a meeting space where families have the chance to discuss with professionals different themes chosen according to the stage of development their children have reached.

Through these meetings and discussion of experiences between families, the aim is to help parents identify their abilities and use them efficiently when parenting at home, to share day-to-day questions that arise and to find efficient solutions which help parents overcome both big and small challenges in their children’s education.

These are the activities organised for parents by the School in the second term of the 2015-2016 school year:


Activity Date
Spiritual Exercises
Mota del Marqués House of Spirituality 22/23/24 January
Mota del Marqués House of Spirituality 29/30/31 January
Mota del Marqués House of Spirituality 10/11/12/13 March
Spirituality in the Family
Educating in Truth 22 November
24 hours for the Lord 27/28 February
Conference series: The Family: Home of Mercy.
  • Mr. Javier MenĂ©ndez Ros and Mrs. Pilar GonzĂĄlez

Recognising graciousness. Overcoming pride and resentment. Teaching how to pray.

17 January
  • Mr. Conrado GimĂ©nez Agrela

Putting pleasures into perspective. Being sensitive to weakness. Teaching about death.

28 February
  • Mrs. MarĂ­a RoldĂĄn Pinillos

Teaching about pleasures. Moderation, Openness to others.

24 April
Mr. Nicolås Álvarez de las Asturias

Amoris Laetitia Apostolic Exhortation: How to Read and Interpret.

5 May
Mr. Jaime Antoñanzas. President of Comunica+A

Can we “sell ourselves” better? How to make the most of who we are.

7 June